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Build a Cheap Custom Bobber From a Kit

26 January 2009 No Comment

If you are a avid motorcyclist and a want to be bike builder, building a custom bike on a budget, should seem very interesting and exciting. The best deal in my opinion is the Kikker “HardKnock” 5150 Bobber kit which starts under $1500.00, which is shipped in 4 boxes and can be assembled in 4-8 hours. The bobber can be easily be made street legal, it is a kit will will have to be registered with your state and also comes with a MSO - ( Manufacture State of Origin ). The MSO will help in the process in receiving a state title.

What attracted me the most was the true bobber authentic looks and the price was not so bad either. It has many add-on features which helps it to fall under the custom motorcycle category. The kit only requires basic mechanic skills and tools, which is very nice. Another great feature is the gas mileage, over 100 miles on a full 1.3 gallon tank. I like the idea of saving money and the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle.

The kit had two choices for engine sizes- 125cc, 4-stroke engine with a semi-auto 4-speed transmission. Also a 200cc, 4-stroke with a semi-auto 5-speed transmission. More standard features include jockey shift & forward foot controls, kick & electric start, front and rear disk brakes, springer front suspension, which is only on the 125cc model. It has a top speed 57 miles per hour- 110cc model and 70-75 miles per hour- 200cc model. It is 80″ long and has a seat height 25″. Some add-on options are colors- gloss black with 8-ball, all flat black, metallic blue or gold w/rally stripe. Keeping with the bobber design are ape hangers or drag handlebars. Choose between two frame finishes- chrome or flat black. Wheel colors are flat black, red or chrome. Seat cover colors are black, white or leather. How about the cool bobber shifter knobs which are 8-ball or dice and tires choices are black or the classic whitewall. The final options to finish off that custom bike are upturned pipes, speedometer kits, license plate mount kits with LED light and knurled billet grips.

The Kikker Bobber is a great bike for the money. It has the appearance of a very expensive custom motorcycle. Kikker has a great support staff and the parts are readily available. Also being a kit, it would be great to brag on the builder- you. Build a Bobber, today!

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