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Choppers and Bobbers and Trikes, Oh My!

Fabricated with passion and pride, custom built motorcycles are invading America’s cities, roads, and countrysides. More than transportation, custom built motorcycles are individualized pieces of mechanical art. Customization is what makes choppers art, whether it’s a new frame design or the use of an automobile wheel and tire on the rear. Laser cut sheet metal [...]

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Bobbers »

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If you are a avid motorcyclist and a want to be bike builder, building a custom bike on a budget, should seem very interesting and exciting. The best deal in my opinion is the Kikker “HardKnock” 5150 Bobber kit which starts under $1500.00, which is shipped in 4 boxes and can be assembled in 4-8 [...]

Old School »

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Chopper builders have a lot of preferences when it tumbles down to engines and how to swell them. Engines appear with tags like Evo, Twin Cam, Shovelhead, DTSI and Knucklehead. A few engines labor better with convinced frames — in fact, quiet a few of the frames are planned purposely to grasp a picky engine. [...]

Trikes »

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Have you ever considered getting a motorcycle but found yourself worried about the safety aspects of riding such a machine? Buying a trike could be the answer.
Trikes are three wheeled motorcycles that combine many of the best parts of riding a bike with the feeling of greater safety that comes with driving a car. These [...]

Choppers »

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Building your own custom chopper is becoming a very popular hobby. However, many people who decide to start building choppers do not know where to begin or what parts they will need to create the perfect custom chopper. Since the interest in building a chopper has been steadily increasing, there are many ways to learn [...]

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Custom choppers are the Mercedes of motorcycles, and they are as much fun to own as any super-luxury vehicle. I’m certain that when you see a custom chopper, you wish you had one for youself. Here’s ten reasons to buy a custom chopper…
1. FUN! Yes, this is the first and foremost reason. You will have [...]